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Why you should date Paul:

  1. cool guy
  2. good sense of humor?
  3. knows how to ride a bike
  4. puppies love him

Here is a pic of me

my sexy beautiful mug

Question and Answer

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

somewhere warm??

Why did you make this website?

my dating profile sucked so i needed to differentiate myself. also, no dating app supports <marquee> !!!!!!!!!!


Skill Power Level Testimonials
Rollerblading 6/10 "Oh shit are you OK?" –Skater guy
playing piano 7/10 "Paul sends me music all the time and I never listen but I always respond 'Awesome sound!'" –friend from college
finding the right cable immediately in a huge box of cables 10/10 "Haha thanks." –my roommate
juggling 3/10 "I need those eggs for breakfast." –mom
skiing 6/10 "Bro, you shreddin' straight GNAR right now?" "Yeah..." –Snowboarder guy, –me

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I hate this.

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